Walk-in interview results suspended in Chitipa

By Joseph Mbughi

Chitipa District Council has suspended the walk-in interview results following concerns by Chitipa youth that there was nepotism in the selection process.

Chitipa district commissioner Stuart Ngoka has confirmed the suspension of the results in a letter to the youth.

Ngoka said in the letter: “I write to give the feedback that my office has decided to suspend the results and have instituted an independent inquiry so that it investigates the allegation and report back to me on their findings.”

The DC added that the young people’s concerns have been forwarded to the ministry, which initiated the interviews for their direction.

Jane Swila, one of the concerned youth, said they are excited for the suspension of the deployment of the workers saying, it is what they wanted following the nepotism, favoritism and corruption involved during the selection.

“As the DC has instituted an independent inquiry for the investigation, we want even our even members from the concerned youth to be involved in the inquiry so that the outcomes of the investigations should satisfy everyone,” She said.

Swila added that the youth will take further action if not satisfied with the action taken by the council on the issue.

Meanwhile, the youth have complained that they are receiving threats over the matter.