Sant’Egidio donates to the elderly in Mulanje

Sant’Egidio an independent group of the Catholic Church has donated assorted items to elderly people in Mulanje district.

The donation was made on Saturday at Thawale ground in the area of Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje where 100 persosn from within the district were reached with assorted items which included; maize flour, Soap, donationsugar, bread, salt and masks.

According to Sant’Egidio coordinator for Phalombe, Mulanje and Zomba districts Bruce Tambwali, the donation is one way of minimizing challenges being faced by elderlies amid COVID-19 pandemic which has hit hard the global.

SANTEGIDIO members donating to the elderly

Tambwali said the grouping is aware that several groups of people including the elderly has negatively been affected by the pandemic hence the donation which he said will at least cover them a bit.

He called on all well-wishers in the country to come forward and support the gesture claiming there are a lot of elderly persons countrywide who needs help especially now when COVID-19 has paralyzed individual’s financial stability.

“We at Sant’Egidio we believe in gospel and in addition to that we also take care of vulnerable people and that’s why we thought of coming here to give assorted items to these elderlies who are less privileged.

“The donation has been possible with funds from the Sant’Egidio membership and it’s our plea to individuals and stakeholders out there to come and work with us to reach out to vulnerable groups like we have done today,” said Tambwali.

Speaking at the event, Grey Mkwanda who represented the district commissioner, thanked Sant’Egidio for the timely consideration and has since called other groups to fall suit.

Mkwanda said elderly persons needs much attention especially during this hard times when sourcing funds to feed themselves is a challenge.

One of the beneficiaries Theresa Namiyo, 69 said the donation is timely and will assist.

“We thank the Sant’Egidio for donation, may the good Lord bless them more. We could not even manage to buy our own masks amid the pandemic but we are so lucky to have them now through these people. We say thank you.” Thanked Namiyo.

Apart from the donation, the Sant’Egidio involved health experts who taught the elderly persons what COVID-19 is all about, how it is transmitted, signs and symptoms of the pandemic and also how one can prevent it.