Minister Msungama fires aide over claims that he is a DPP cadet


Minister of Youth and Sports Ulemu Msungama has fired his personal aide over claims that the aide is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Msumgama confirmed the dismissal of Arnold Chintengo who worked as the minister’s ‘Personal Assistant for two weeks.

In a Facebook post, Msungama said he has made the decision because of public outcry that Chintengo does not fully subscribe to the Tonse Alliance.

“Arnold Chintengo with effect of 28th August, 2020, after a two-week stint, is no longer my personal assistant. This agreement has been both amicable and agreed by both of us. Let me repeat that this decision has been made to ensure that the integrity of both the office of Ministry of Youth and Sports and of the Tonse Alliance is also maintained,” he said.

He added that he wants to protect the interests of the Ministry that he serves and also to ensure that the integrity of the Tonse Alliance is preserved.

Commenters on his   Facebook posts commended Msungama for listening to concerns from Tonse Alliance members.

“A listening minister continue the good work,” said Ackson Kalaile who is a Member of Parliament.

Malawi Congress Party Spokesperson Maurice Chauka Emmie Munthali said:  Your response to the issue and the manner you have handled it Hon Minister is humbling. You are not only a listening leader; you are exemplary above all else. This is how great leaders are made and defined. Proud of you Hon Minister.”

According to reports, Chintengo used to post on Facebook comments against President Lazarus Chakwera. The posts were made before Chakwera became president.

However, Chintengo has said that he neutrality on party politics and that over the past six years he wrote posts exposing maladministration of DPP administration.

“These posts are intact here on FB and deliberately, MCP zealots have paid a blind eye. This is hyprocrisy. Equally, I have hit hard on MCP and Chakwera with no regrets. A holistic and tough public sensor makes political leaders to organised and efficient,” said Chintengo.

Commenting on the matter, lawyer Kanyasko Mandiwe said Chintengo can claim compensation for unfair dismissal and loss of future earnings from the Minister.

“He was in fact compelled and persuaded to join the Minister and he eventually resigned from his well-paying job on the premise of nationalism and his faith towards his principal (The Minister),” said Mandiwe.