Ken Banda:  Malawian women should be grateful

Ken Banda

Professional Photographer Ken Banda says Malawian women should be grateful that men in the country are not like those in South Africa.

Banda, regarded as one of the country’s best professional photographers, made the remarks in a tweet yesterday.

“Malawian women should be grateful we’re not like South African men”, he tweeted, before following it up with another tweet to justify what he had said.

“I open Twitter and it’s like every day a woman is killed by a man. Malawian men are nice”, tweeted Ken Banda.

South Africa is one of the few countries with higher cases of gender based violence that include sexual abuse and harassment.

Data at the One Stop unit at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital shows that Malawi has been recording a spike of gender based violence. Young girls have been gang raped in the country.

The photographer was condemned for the tweet.

“We’re dying at an alarming rate, we’re beaten and raped, some of us have been missing with no bodies in site to give families closure and then we have people like  @ken_banda_  harboring such thoughts” tweeted @chondz

Following a massive backlash from women and activists, the photographer deleted the tweets and issued an apology.

“The entire sentiment behind that tweet was wrong. I’m sorry”, apologized Ken Banda.

Ken Banda’s tweets came just a day before the High Court in Zomba convicted Misozi Chanthunya for murdering his girlfriend in 2010.

A couple of weeks ago, another multimedia manager, Sive Liwa who works as Marketing Officer for HD Plus Creations, tweeted: “pano tikhoza kugwililira tiwina mulandu…(we can now rape and win the case)”

Like Ken Banda’s, it is understood that Sive Liwa (@siveliwajr)  apologised after a backlash and pressure from his employer.

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