Chitipa youth wants walk-in interview results nullified


Youth in Chitipa have demanded the nullification of results of walk-in interviews for health workers saying there was nepotism and corruption in selection of successful candidates.

In a letter dated 25th August, 2020 and signed by various youth leaders in the district, the young people said there is a heavy outcry in the district that the process was affected by favoritism.

Through the walk-in interviews, the Chitipa District Council employed hospital attendants, ward clerks and disease control and surveillance assistants.

According to the youth, based on their research and the evidence presented before them, they have noted that more than 50 percent of the said successful candidates for these positions are related to some individuals at the district hospital.

According to the youth, some names are appearing twice on the selection list and there are also persons who never attended interview while some don’t have a required qualification for the positions. The youth believe that some of the successful individuals paid bribes to be selected.

The young people have demanded the Chitipa District Council to immediately suspend the released results and its operationalization of any process related to the recruitment of the workers until the issues are addressed.

The youth also want disciplinary action against the officials responsible for such bias and inequitable acts.

Speaking in an interview, Chitipa District Council Chairperson Mercy Mpoha said the council has suspended the deployment of workers who were selected in order to investigate the issues.

She added that the council will in the next two weeks examine the list and look at the evidence given before coming up with a decision on whether to suspend the results or not.