Atoht Manje challenges MPs to help the health sector

Musician Atoht Manje has asked members of Parliament to uplift the health sector in a quest to promote the welfare of ordinary citizens.

Writing on his Facebook page, the Bazooka sounds pioneer said legislators have to develop health facilities so that Malawians can access the service smoothly.

He accused the lawmakers of mistaking charity works for development activities.

“Ma MP athu auzidwe kuti kuthandiza pa maliro si chitukuko. Chitukuko supangira munthu oti wamwalira kale. Konzani zoti Kuchipatala kusakhale kokangopezera matenda mankhwala kumakagula ku pharmacy (our legislators must know that helping at a funeral is not a development activity. A dead person cannot be a beneficiary for a particular development initiative. Provide all necessary resources in the hospitals which are as good as death traps)” reads his post in part.

Malawians on social media have backed the Che Patuma star for voicing out his concern. People believe he has practiced in reality what he addresses in his music.

“A speaker of the truth has no friend, you have said the truth homeboy those with ears have heard you,” commented Engless Chimenyera.