Communities complain over health services at Kaweche Health Centre

Communities surrounding Kaweche Health Centre at Ekwendeni in Mzimba have expressed concern over the management of the health facility, saying the services of the health workers at the facility leave a lot to be desired.

Grace Kalua, one of the patients, said most of the times the doctors report for work very late.

“People who are responsible to help us here especially top health personnel always come to work late without proper reason. Our lives are in danger, we come here to be helped but we end up not being helped and sometimes this prompts us to go and buy drugs from pharmacies without diagnosis of the disease we are suffering from,” said Kalua.

Another patient, Losten Jere, said health workers sometimes move around the premises despite seeing that patients are on queue waiting for them.

The community members have since called on the Ministry of Health to look into addressing the matter with urgency.

On Wednesday at around 10AM when Malawi24 visited the facility but the medical officer was yet to arrive.

One of the workers at the clinic said the medical officer did not provide any excuse and they could not question him.

Mzimba North District Health Office spokesperson Lovemore Kawayi asked for more time in order to provide a response.

“I will come back to you,” he said.

Kaweche Health center is in Mzimba North East constituency where Catherine Gotani Hara is the legislator. Over 2000 people in the area of traditional authority Mtwalo benefit from the facility.