Court ruling reserved in Chimulirenji’s injunction application


Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda has reserved his ruling in the case in which former Disaster Minister Everton Chimulirenji is seeking an injunction against seizure of his property.

Chimulirenji wants the court to stop businessperson Matias Bonongwe from confiscating his property.

Bonongwe owns Agrizone International Trading (AZIT) and the two were reportedly involved in a K100 million deal to supply maize to the Ministry of Disaster.

The deal, however, collapsed and Bonongwe wants Chimulirenji to reimburse the money which the businessperson had already spent.

Over a week ago, sheriffs representing Bonongwe attempted to confiscate property at Chimulirenji’s house. Following the incident, the former minister applied for an injunction.

In his sworn statement, Chimulirenji said he first met Bonongwe in or around August 2019 at his official residence in Area 12, Lilongwe, when he was introduced to him by a Mr. Matabwa and Mr. Kamuyambeni.

According to Chimulirenji, Bonongwe during the meeting introduced to Chimulirenji to Agri-Zone International Trading (AZIT) and discussed what AZIT offers as a company.

He added that they further discussed a deal to supply 110,000 metric tonnes of maize through Department of Disaster Management Affairs which Chimulirenji headed as a minister at the time.

In Court on Tuesday, Nyirenda heard arguments from the two sides and then said he will give his ruling at a later date.