Mzimba chief removed for marrying child

Inkosi M’mbelwa V has fired Group Village Headman German Mahowe, 42, for marrying a child aged 17.

M’mbelwa V announced the decision in a statement posted on his Facebook page, saying Mahowe violated the rights of a girl child.

“It has transpired that GHV Mahowe had married a 17-year-old, contrary to our ideals aimed at promoting the welfare of girls in our Kingdom.

“As a World Vision Ambassador on the promotion of education for the girl child and a true leader of my people, I have traditionally stripped Mahowe of his position to set a good example in society.  Let us all unite in protecting our girl child,” M’mbelwa.

He further revealed that Mahowe started sexually abusing the child in 2017 when the girl was only 14.

Speaking to Malawi24, local commentator Peter Mumba commended Inkosi M’mbelwa for the decision to remove Mahowe.

“This Chief did not only violate the girl’s rights but he also broke the laws of this country. So I am supporting the decision made by Inkosi and his chiefs to strip him of his position as a chief,” said Mumba.