Malawians in Kasungu challenge minister, say there is no Covid-19

Malawians in Kasungu have claimed that there is no Coronavirus in Malawi where over 5400 cases have been registered.

On Friday, residents at Wimbe Trading Centre chased away health workers from the Ministry of Health who wanted to bury a Covid-19 victim as the residents claimed that the patient did not die of Coronavirus.

In a video shared on social media, women from the trading centre claimed that the Ministry of Health is lying about Coronavirus and in the case of the victim, he did not die of Coronavirus.

“They want us to bury him as a dog yet we were being allowed to visit him in hospital while he was sick.

“The health workers should go; we will bury the victim. The claims about Coronavirus are fake,” the residents said.

Kazombo (lying down) pleading with residents to release the body

Commenting on the issue, Member of Parliament for the area Madalitso Kazombo said the victim was a popular man identified as James Banda.

The victim collapsed last week and was rushed to Anglican clinic at Mtunthama from where he was sent him to Kasungu District Hospital. Banda was later referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital where he died.

“The hospital took samples for Covid-19 and the results were positive. As a result, the body was taken to isolation,” said Kazombo who is Deputy Speaker of Parliment.

He added that the body was transferred in a lorry to Kasungu where the District Health Office provided an ambulance, medical staff and protective gear to be used in burying the victim.

However, some residents had agreed to burn the ambulance and attack medical personnel who dares to come.

“This is why I had to lie down. In our culture when a chief or a senior person does this it shows the situation is grave. The Traditional Authority understood and advised the masses who had come and people got the advice from the chief. I was also asked to explain which I did.

“However, a certain group who were not there when the chief was speaking decided to go where the cars ferrying the body were and took the body, and opened the casket. Broke the glass, uncovered the plastic papers used,” he said.

Malawi has recorded over 5400 Coronavirus including 168 deaths.