Making a fortune out of old tyres

Businessperson Alex Nkhwimba aged 28 has found gold in ottomans which he makes using old tyres as raw materials.

Nkhwimba who plies his trade Area 25 sector 6 in Lilongwe, got strong interest in the business in 2017.

In an interview with Malawi24, he said his company Nyasa Point Enterprise started by painting the tyres to make flower vessels for decoration.

Nkhwimba at work

Nkhwimba who holds holds a diploma in project management then hatched the idea of creating ottomans seats using the tyres.

He said: “I saw some people making bring using plastic paper and used plastic papers for that matter. Then I said can I come up with something of my own.”

Finished Ottomans

But Nkhwimba added that it was not easy to sell the products at the start as people did not welcome the first products which were made.

The businessperson took it as a challenge to improve the ottomans.

“I can say God has helped me to think outside the box that is why we are now able to sell more than 10 Ottomans every month.  We have clients all over Malawi,” he said.

According to the businessperson, he has now managed to employ four people and other persons also sell the ottomans on commissions.

Said Nkhwimba: “I am really making Gold out of ottomans.  I am paying bills because of ottomans, I am supporting my relatives because of it.”

According to Nkhwimba, Nyasa Point Enterprise is an enterprise which wants to promote creativity using locally existing products.

“At the same time it’s an innovative initiative which is trying to use waste products as raw materials for production and job creation to the youth in the country,” he said.