Multi-billion Malawi Police project’s first phase commences

…Worldwide Construction's quest to facelift Malawi’s capital lifts off

Worldwide Construction Company has embarked on a multibillion kwacha housing project for the Malawi police that will change the face of Lilongwe City. The first phase of the three-stage has commenced.

Documents that we have seen, the project involves the construction of three hundred modern houses at the national headquarters of the Malawi police in Lilongwe.

In addition, the construction company which is funding the project as an investor will also finance and construct a state of the art office block for the police. The block will include an armory, a shooting range of Western-world status and a sports arena.

“The project is being implemented in three phases spread across five years. The first phase is close to completion”, a source privy to the project confided in Malawi24.

The source says the company entered into an arrangement with the Malawi police through the Ministry of Homeland as part of a deal that will also see construction of a police unit at Area 2 where there will be one of the modern malls modelled on a multistorey shopping plaza in Dubai.

Impressed with progress

“This is the first of its kind. It will dwarf all shopping parks and malls in Malawi”, said the source who did not want to be named as he is not legally mandated to speak to the media on behalf of the Malawi police or Worldwide Construction Company which is one of the most respected and highly credible in the field of construction and engineering in sub-Saharan Africa.

The project, according to a contract prepared and entered between the Malawi Police and the company that Malawi24 has seen, is part of a genesis to facelift the countries cities.

An inspection at Area 30 shows that the project has lifted off with a sonic boom, speaking to the company’s capacity and commitment to deliver the project within the set duration.

Police officers in Malawi live in one of the most dilapidated and shocking houses in the world. Most of the officers are forced to rent houses in locations which in turn impacts on their service provision.

Meanwhile, Malawians from all walks including activists and politicians across all flanks in Parliament that this publication spoke to have heaped praises on the company’s efforts on the project and the progress made to this far.