Community policing members in Mulanje receive reflective jackets


Regional Community Policing Committee for the South has donated 90 reflective jackets to community policing members in Mulanje.

The donation was presented on Thursday at Senior Chief Mabuka Headquarters in the district.

After the donation, Mulanje Police Officer in– Charge, Edwin Magalasi, hailed the Regional Executive Committee for community policing in the South for the support it renders in curbing crime in the district.

A police officer speaking during the event

“I am a very happy person for the timely donation and I promise to put the items to the intended purpose.  Sometimes our community policing members fail to work properly due to lack of identification material but with these jackets their work will now be simple,” he said.

Malagasi said sometimes members get assaulted because people do not trust them since they do not have anything to identify themselves with hence with the jackets members will easily be identified when on duty.

On this note, Magalasi commended community policing members in the district for helping police in fighting crime.

“Police cannot work in isolation because we have few police officers. These groups have been very instrumental in combating crime and we cherish their support,” Magalasi said.

He added that police will continue working hand in hand with the structures saying it was the only way to combat crime in the district.

Magalasi, however, warned people against perpetrating violence against children saying anyone found will be arrested.

Regional Community Policing Coordinator for the South, Clement Mwale, concurred with Magalasi saying children like other vulnerable people need special protection.

Mwale therefore advised community policing members in the district to champion child protection saying people look up to them.

Speaking earlier, committee chairperson in the south, Asif Gillani, described security as a complement to development.

Gillani said where there is no security, development falters and he urged people to continue working with police.

“Security spurs development and it is the duty of us all to ensure that our communities are safe and secure,” Gillan said.

On mobility challenges facing the district, Gillan said his committee will try to find means to solve the problems observing that if there is no proper transport mode, security gets compromised.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Mabuka expressed gratitude for the donation describing it as timely. He promised to encourage all members to continue working hard.

“I am very happy with the donation and I promise to encourage all members to continue working hard so that our area remains safe and secure,” he said.