Kabaza operators warned over drink-riding


Police in Nkhotakota have warned Kabaza operators against riding bicycles while drunk, saying drink-riding is one of the causes of accidents in the district.

Nkhunga Police Station on 17 August, 2020 held a meeting with bicycle operators popularly known as ‘kabaza’ where the operators were tipped on crime prevention and road safety measures.

In his remarks, the station’s Officer in- Charge Deputy Commissioner of Police Owen Maganga said there is an increase in number of accidents involving kabaza operators.

According to Maganga, some of the factors leading to the accidents include excessive beer drinking and chamba smoking on the part of the bicycle taxi operators.

He also urged the operators to knock off in good time to avoid being robbed by criminals.

On Covid-19, Maganga encouraged the bicycle taxi operators to follow all preventive measures in order to avoid contracting the virus.

Assistant Superintendent Zione Zimba who is head of CID at the station tipped them on dangers of indulging themselves in criminal activities.

She encouraged the operators to tip police with information of any criminal activity they may come across in the course of their work.

Head of traffic department at the station Inspector Francis Kandaya emphasized on the need for kabaza operators to follow traffic rules and regulations and to put on reflective jackets.

Kandaya also advised them to make sure that their bicycles are roadworthy and to report to police any accidents they may encounter.