Police officer killed in Mwanza border accident

A truck on Monday night hit to death two people including a police officer who was among officers manning Mwanza border.

Confirming the development was Mwanza border police publicist Inspector Pasqually Zulu who identified the deceased as Sergeant Alekeni Game.

Inspector Zulu said that reports by an eyewitness indicate that the cause of the accident is that the truck, registration number MC 2689 and carrying metal bars, had break failure.

The driver failed to stop the vehicle when he reached the border barrier thereby killing the two and injuring several other people who are currently receiving medical treatment at Mwanza district hospital.

The publicist further said that the two died on the spot while the driver escaped the accident with minor injuries.

Meanwhile, police spokesperson for the Southern Region, Ramsey Muhlane says, further investigations on the matter are still underway.