Group demands speedy completion of Mwanza-Neno-Tsangano­ road


A group in Neno has demanded speedy completion of Mwanza-Neno-Tsangano road,  saying the district is being sidelined on developmental projects.

Speaking with the media, chairperson for the grouping which is under the tag Friends of Neno, Robert Ngaiyaye said it is very shameful that Neno district continues to be sidelined on developmental projects years after its declaration as a district in 2002.

Ngaiyaye added that people in the district are being denied access to proper markets for their agricultural produce since the district has no any tarmac road a development which he said needs to be looked into seriously.

The chairperson further added that government should know that Neno community contributes a lot to the development of the country and there is need to pay them back by at least constructing a tarmac road as soon as possible.

“We are sure that the government is aware that people in Neno district are being fed up with empty promises. We needed a tarmac road as of yesterday but we are being denied this opportunity for the last 56 years and this is not normal.

“We need a road as soon as possible. We have been engaging with previous government on the matter but to no avail. Go to Mulanje district and see how many roads are there but here we don’t have even a single road, so is that fair?” worried Ngaiyaye.

Reacti0ng to the development, Member of Parliament for Neno North constituency, Thoko Tembo, said he will work with the group to making sure that government nods to the community’s request.

“My reaction to this is that I will work with them and I am sure that my effort combining with their efforts, we will yield something positive at the end but it’s so shameful that a whole district doesn’t have a road,” said Tembo.