Motorcycle operators protest over road traffic fines


Motorcycle taxi operators are holding demonstrations in Lilongwe over fines imposed on them when they are found riding without helmets or license.

The motorcyclists have claimed that they are being ill-treated on the roads.

According to the motorcycle operators, road traffic officers force them to pay K90 thousand when found operating without a safety helmet and K150 thousand for riding without license.

Taxi operators during the protest

The motorcyclists want government to give them time to prepare for the introduction of the fines.

They also claim that they have been banned from operating within Lilongwe town and instead told to do their businesses in residential areas of the city

The motorcycle operators argue that their businesses will crumble due to the fines and this will undermine the Government’s plan to create over a million jobs.

On Monday morning, the motorcyclists converged at Lilongwe Community Centre Ground and later they started riding through town on their way to Lilongwe City Council to present their petition.

The protest comes days after police in the city impounded 35 unregistered motorcycles in Lilongwe town.

Lilongwe Police Deputy spokesperson Foster Benjamin said the motorcycle taxi operators were found using unregistered motorcycles, riding without license, using uninsured motorbikes and riding without helmet.

He added that the exercise was aimed at reducing accidents and promoting road safety.


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  1. What the police authorities are doing is an excellent job 💯% good.
    You can’t drive a motorcycle without been licenced,no helmet and so on….
    The police authorities are doing a good job thumbs up.If they don’t want fines, then they must follow the rules.Thats it.

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