Tay Grin ‘marries’ another man

Limbani Kalilani Wedding

You can now kiss the bride! Or groom!

At exactly 14:12 Malawian time yesterday, Tay Grin ‘tied the knot’ with another man where the Nyau King presented himself as a bride.

His partner  who is also from Malawi but currently lives in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia – a state in the Southeastern Region of the United States of America, goes by the name Ðåwğ Sxm ÑöfèäR on Facebook.

Mr ÑöfèäR made the marriage announcement through a relationship status update on Facebook profile.

The multi-award winning musician, real name Limbani Kalirani, shared a screenshot of his current ‘marriage status’ on Twitter.

He proclaimed himself as the bride-to-be for Mr ÑöfèäR.

“Ðåwğ ÑöfèäR is my boo. I am now being called a lady”, tweeted Tay Grin who is also known as the Nyau King.

A majority of wedding ceremonies are currently restricted to family members only following guidelines passed by government to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19). Public gatherings were initially set to 10 people.

As such, it is possible you did not receive an invitation to attend this satirical wedding which has gone viral on social media that even Tay Grin himself is talking about.

These are interesting times. You will be home sipping your afternoon tea or reading a novel just to be disturbed by tweet that you are now married. Or your partner is gone. Be vigilant.