Mzuni students to hold protests over delayed graduation


Mzuzu University (Mzuni) students who are expected to graduate this year are planning to stage a vigil to force management to give them their diplomas and degrees.

According to a letter dated 10th August and signed by Fountain Mbingwani and Andrew Maliro, chairperson and publicity secretary of the graduation taskforce committee respectively, the students want management to make a decision on graduation.

“We write to inform that, owing to the silence of Management to address the issues of Graduation in general and testimonials and transcripts in particular as it promised us a couple of weeks ago, we have decided to hold a week long vigil scheduled from 18th to 22nd August 2020 at Mzuzu University Campus.

“The vigil is bound to be extended so long as Management continues to remain undecided and/or keep its mouth shut,” the students said.

The students are from three faculties of education, environment and information and technology.

In an interview, Maliro said they are failing to find jobs because the institution is still keeping their degrees and diplomas.

“We are failing to apply for jobs while others are failing to get chances of promotion, honestly we are missing job opportunities because the institution is keeping our degrees and diplomas, we are tired of waiting,” said Maliro.

He added that various engagements with management to give them their diplomas and degrees were made but the institution continues denying them the same on grounds that they are yet to graduate from the college hence they have resorted to holding a vigil at the institution.

A Mzuni official asked for more time to comment on the mater.

Over Five hundred students were expected to graduate earlier this year at Mzuni. The college was closed in March when government ordered closure of schools as preventive measure for Covid-19.