Minister unveils Moffat as new Thyolo DC

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Lingson Belekanyama, went to Thyolo on Friday to unveil Douglas Moffat as new District Commissioner for Thyolo following the rejection of Medson Matchaya by councilors.

The minister said his visit was necessitated by his promise made to the Thyolo councilors over Matchaya’s transfer controversy.

“I have come here today because I promised the council of Thyolo that I am going to respond of their question on how to deal with the issue of Matchaya’s transfer. The council asked me last week what will be the way forward, so I sorely come here to answer that,” said Belekanyama.

However, Belekanyama rebuked the tendency of denying DCs saying it delays development to proceed.

“What the Thyolo Council did to refuse the coming of a DC is very dangerous in the sense that the DCs are civil servants and they are there to serve anywhere in Malawi without boundaries. So for any council to be refusing a DC who has been designated by the ministry is very dangerous as such tendency will take us nowhere in terms of development. And this tendency should not continue,” said Belekanyama.

He advised the council, the secretariat, directors, members as well as councilors to sit down and resolve issues other than keep on quarreling.

“You know the indigenous of the council are chiefs, councilors and Member of Parliament but they have to coexist with civil servants in disregard of tribe.”

In his remarks, Member of Parliament for Thyolo South, Mavuto Scott, who is a DPP member, applauded the minister and Tonse government for not ignoring Thyolo Council after  Matchaya was rejected.

Thyolo council chair, Sandram Maulana, concurred with Scott saying what the minister did, by hearing their grievances, has totally portrayed that the leadership of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera really means a better Malawi for all.

“Just imagine the minister visiting Thyolo twice within a week, it is a clear indication that Tonse Government has passion for Thyolo. We are appreciating that and the minister’s advice for us to be united will take them as treasure for Thyolo,” said Maulana.

Meanwhile, Medson Matchaya has been relocated to Nsanje district, which is his original home, to be District Commissioner.