Malawians in Germany form Association

Malawians living in Germany have formed an association known as Umodziwa a Malawi in Germany to complement Malawi government’s efforts to engage with its citizens abroad as outlined in the Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy of 2017.

Interim Vice Chairperson of the Association, Racheal Gausi-Hoepfner, confirmed of the Association’s birth and said it is currently working towards finalizing its formal registration with German authorities.

“We want to set up strong structures for the organization that will ensure its longevity. Currently, our interim executive committee is working tirelessly to complete paperwork for the Association and to set up office,” Gausi-Hoepfner said.

She added that it is not yet clear how many Malawians are living in Germany but quite a significant number have come forward to register with the Association and express interest in its mission and activities.

“I cannot tell you the exact numbers right now as we are still collecting information. But we do have Malawians spread across different cities in Germany whom we are already in touch with.

“We further appealed to any other Malawians living in Germany to get in touch with us via our Facebook page,” she added.

The vice chairperson said the association will also serve as a point of call for Malawians newly arriving in Germany who might require advice on settling down or just need the companionship of Malawians.

Umodzi wa a Malawi in Germany is guided by an inclusive and expansive notion of Diaspora and includes among its members spouses or civil partners of Malawians living in Germany, German citizens of Malawian ancestry, and Malawians who are in Germany for defined temporary stays such as students, au pairs, and expatriates.

“Our idea is to also promote cultural exchange between Germany and Malawi as well as knowledge and skills transfer between the two countries. There is a lot that Germany can learn from Malawi and vice versa in terms of culture, trade, manufacturing, agriculture, and education,” Gausi-Hoepfner said.

Currently, Chairperson of Umodzi wa a Malawi in Germany is Alexander Kambili and can be contacted via the official Facebook page –