145 people arrested for not wearing face masks


Police in Chikwawa have today arrested 145 people for not wearing face masks and 118 of the arrested persons have already paid K10,000 fine each.

Deputy National Police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude has confirmed about the arrests.

From the arrests of the 145 individuals, the police expect to collect K1.45 million.

Nyaude has also responded to concerns that the police move around in public places without wearing face masks even though the law enforcers are the ones tasked with enforcing the regulation on mandatory wearing of masks.

According to Nyaude, Malawi Police will ensure that the enforcers should also comply to the regulations.

Under the new measures gazette last week, funerals are restricted to 50 attendees while general public gatherings should have less than 10 people.

Places of entertainment such as bars and pubs are allowed to operate between 2 and 8PM but even during this time people are only be allowed to buy and not consume at the same place.

The Minister of Health is now empowered to lock down an area where there is a rise in Covid-19 cases.

A person causing people to gather will face a fine of K100,000 and three months in jail while people found in public places without a mask face a K10,000.