My Church services will continue – Christian Bishop

Accuses Tonse of hypocrisy: they went on with campaign

A Christian Church leader has reacted strongly to measures stopping Church meetings that have been announced by the government.

In a series of Facebook posts, Bishop Yohane Tembo has challenged that members of his Church will continue meeting despite the order by the government.

“Come and arrest me because I am not closing the Church door,” posted Tembo. He then gave out his phone number challenging that authorities should contact him for directions to his Church.

He further criticised the government for being hypocrites after announcing that they will stop congregations and arrest anyone going ahead with congregations.

“These people stopped a lockdown when they were in opposition arguing that Peter Mutharika wanted to use the lockdown to run away from elections. Now that they are in power they want to impose the same? I am not going to respect their order,” he posted.

His comments have attracted both positive and negative reactions from people on social media with some agreeing with him. Others dismissed him saying that he was doing everything for offerings, not necessarily the love of God.

Kondwani Chalira posted that the Bishop has to respect the laws of the land as ordered in the Bible. The Bishop dismissed him that he was applying the scripture wrongly.


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  1. The leaders of churches need not to fight with the government because this was already written in the book of Isiah.Now the leaders must also know that if they continue with opening the churches,what if people get sick of covid-19,are they not going to put the name of Jesus in a bad light,saying Jesus is not protecting them?
    If it was written,let it be fulfilled do not put God to test.

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