Minister of Homeland Security promises decent houses for police officers

Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda has  promised decent houses, promotions and risk allowances for police officers.

Banda visited Northern Region Police Headquarters, Mzuzu and Mzimba Police Stations as well as the Mzuzu Immigration Office and Mzimba Prison last week.

Speaking to officers from Northern Region Police Headquarters, Mzuzu Police Station and Delta Division, the Minister promised to take charge in ensuring that the Malawi Police Service is motivated and has all the necessary provisions for smooth operations.

“I am part of the team!” He emphasised, adding that: “Time for doing things as usual is over,” attracting handclaps from the gathered officers.

Among the issues he promised to look into with seriousness include decent housing, merit based promotions, risk allowances, mobility and aligning educational qualifications and experience to recognition and promotions.

During the meeting, held in the Senior Officers Mess, officers who gathered were accorded a chance to ask questions and pour out their concerns as well as make general comments.

The vigour, confidence and positivity in the minister’s demeanor when tackling those questions made everyone confident for the future of policing.

Speaking when welcoming the minister, Hannings Mlotha, Police Commissioner for the Region gave an overview of how the police has performed over the first half of the year.

He also outlined challenges faced by various police stations in the region as well as those affecting individual officers in the course of their duty.

Earlier in the day, the minister paid a surprise visit to Mzimba Police Station where most issues similar to the above were also tackled.

In his remarks, Happy Mkandawire DCP thanked the minister for the visit.