Be Forward to stop sponsoring Wanderers in December


Be Forward, sponsors of Wanderers Football Club, have told the management of the club that they will quit sponsoring the team in December.

According to reports on MBC, the decision was confirmed to the club’s hierarchy by the sponsors who told them that they will only finish the remaining four months before officially pulling out due to financial constraints caused by Coronavirus pandemic.

This follows a demand from Symon Sikwese’s led Executive Committe to have a direct conversation with the Japanese sponsors who were communicating with the team through their local representative and former General Secretary Mike Butao.

Confirming the development to MBC, Sikwese said his management has now asked Be Forward to put everything into writing since it involves a contract signed by the two parties.

“We had to seek an audience with the sponsors since we were just hearing everything in the papers through their local representative Mr. Butao and after our conversation, they indeed confirmed to us that they will be walking out of the deal in December this year.

“As a club, we have asked them to put everything into  writing since it is involving a contract signed between the two parties,” he said.

The current deal was supposed to expire in 2021 but the latest development means Wanderers have four months left to start looking for a new sponsor.

In June this year, the company made a shocking announcement about suspending their sponsorship for three months before announcing a 60 percent pay cut on the players due to the pandemic.