Chilima walks from one office to another

Malawi Vice President SKC

In what would appear normal even outside of public sector reforms, Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima today walked from his office to the office of the Ministry of Finance at Capital Hill.

While the situation did not attract curiosity from onlookers, Chilima’s Press Secretary Pilirani Phiri hailed it as an important feature of the Vice President’s routine on the day.

In a Tweet, Phiri who worked for Zodiak Broadcasting Station before he was appointed to serve in the Vice President’s office shared a photo of Chilima walking to the Finance Ministry offices while surrounded by camouflage-wearing security officers who are part of Chilima’s security detail.

“So, the Vice President said because the meeting with the Minister of Finance is at the ministry’s offices, let us just walk there,” tweeted Phiri.

The tweet and gesture was equally praised by some Malawians on the social media site who hailed Chilima’s “hardworking spirit” for walking from one office block to the other.

“This guy makes you feel like you are so lazy at times. He gives a different perspective of how you view things,” posted one account.

Another commented: “the work ethics of this guy, Chilima, are above 101%.”

Sceptics also featured with one wondering if he was expected to board a flight from his office to that of the Finance Ministry within the same compound.

Chilima’s office has been championing reforms in the public sector although reports from two Ministries on social media today revealed that there is an extravagance among the newly appointed ministers.


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