Two traditional leaders arrested for ordering burial of murdered person

Police in Kasungu have arrested two traditional leaders for ordering burial of a murdered person without reporting to police.

Public Relations Officer for Kasungu Police Station Harry Namwaza has identified the leaders as Senior Group Village Headman Mkazikale (real name Chifumu Phiri aged 41) from T/A Kaomba and Village Headman Kachembwe (real name Daniel Lloyd aged 36) from T/A Njombwa.

According to Namwaza, on June 22 this year, Ziggy Chiwera aged 48 died after being severely assaulted by Limbikani Jubeki, 58, and Andrew Mtolo, 25, of the same village at a beer drinking place.

“On this day, Ziggy Chiwera went to drink beer at Kachembwe trading centre. In the course of drinking beer, he accidentally spilled to the ground a pail full of beer belonging to Limbikani Jubeki who also runs the place”, Namwaza said.

This did not go well with Jubeki who started beating Chiwera with the other suspect helping him.

Chiwera left the place after being beaten-up, but he later collapsed and died on his way home.

It is alleged that Senior Group Village Headman Mkazikale ordered the burial of Chiwera’s body without reporting the matter to police despite having the knowledge that Chiwera died after being assaulted by Jubeki and Mtolo.

On July 30, Chiwera’s relative decided to report to police despite the burial taking place a month earlier.  The relative felt that the burial process was unlawfully conducted.

Police launched enquires that have led to arrest of the four on different charges.

The two traditional leaders have been charged with Conspiracy to Defeat Justice contrary to section 109 of the penal code. However, the charge may change depending on the completion of police enquiries.

Limbikani Jubeki and Kondwani Mtolo have been charged with murder and will appear in court soon.