Police impound 68 motor vehicles in Kasungu

Traffic Police in Kasungu on Monday impounded 68 motor vehicles for various traffic offences.

During the exercises, police seized all motor vehicles whose drivers did not comply with road traffic rules and also those motor vehicles operating without valid papers.

According to Kasungu Police Station Traffic Officer, Inspector Mathambeka Golozera, the exercise was done as one way of ensuring that road traffic rules are followed by the drivers.

He further said with the Covid-19 pandemic, there are preventive measures which were put in place to be adhered to in terms of sitting capacity.

He, however, bemoaned the laxity in some drivers who are not adhering to such preventive measures especially when they see that there are no traffic officers.

Golozera added that all motor vehicles with black numbers are not supposed to be operated as taxis unless owners of such motor vehicles register them with red numbers as per the requirement of the road traffic rules.

The drivers whose motor vehicles were impounded were charged to pay fines according to the nature of the offences and those who paid were issued with General Receipts.

Golozera has since warned motorist that such exercises will rigorously be conducted as one way of ensuring that drivers are in compliance with such measures and all road traffic rules.