Matchaya’s appointment as Thyolo DC put on hold

The  Ministry of Local Government has put on hold Medson Matchaya’s appointment as Thyolo District Commissioner (DC) and  has said it will appoint an acting DC for the district.

Alufeyo Banda from the Ministry of Local Government on Monday visited Thyolo District Council to liaise with the councilors, chiefs and concerned residents on how to resolve the matter.

The visit followed  protest from Thyolo councilors and chiefs over the transfer of Matchaya to Thyolo.

Banda said after the meeting that Matchaya’s appointment as Thyolo DC has been put on hold.

He said: “I will report what has been discussed here to the ministry since the issue dealing with DC’s transfers lays in the hands of the minister. But currently, an acting DC has to be appointed pending responses from the ministry.”

He, however, added that: “We know that what sparked the grievances are rumors and hearsays that Matchaya is unprofessional DC.”.

In his remarks, Thyolo council chairperson, Sandram Maulana, who was the one chairing the meeting thanked Banda for going to Thyolo to resolve the issue.

“I have to appreciate the coming of Banda to hear our outcries face to face. I have also to thank my fellow councilors for standing still without fear though others want to rebel,”

“Indeed choosing an acting DC is a good development and we are happy for that,” said Maulana.

Traditional Authority Khwethemule concurred with Maulana saying that what they want is a DC who can help develop Thyolo.


Matchaya was transferred to Thyolo from Nkhotakota last week after protests by Nkhotakota council workers.