Katerina Chingoli addresses plight of women in The Vagina Diaries

Malawian youthful writer Katerina Chingoli has written about the suffering of women in her book called The Vagina Diaries.

The book which was released via online platforms on 26th July, tackles a wide range of topics surrounding women. According to the author, she was motivated by sad realities which women endure due to their biological make up.

“Some women have suffered and others are suffering simply because they have a vagina, and some will do whatever it takes to get it, even If it means going against their wish. If the women resist they get assaulted. Some men in the society have made having a vagina a burden for some women,” said Chingoli

The vagina diaries also encompass poems as a way of extending delivery of the message, a style that has been described as effective.

However, the book is not free from criticism as some people believe the 20-year-old author was too explicit in titling the book. In response to the critics, Katerina has challenged them to read the book and make conclusions after that.

“What they think I wrote and what I actually did write aren’t the same, that I can challenge them. To understand why I chose “The Vagina Diaries” as title, you would have to read the book because I can never explain enough.”

She released the literally work only in soft copy form as hard copies are being produced. The soft copy form is available for sale at K5000 while hard copies will be sold at K9500.

Besides being a writer, Katerina is also musician who is behind a song entitled ‘She’. Her song also addresses issues on the position of women in the society.