Malawians go after Kainja’s PhD

...say it is from another "Jerusalem University"

…IG’s daughter defend his father’s PhD “He remains my hero and your IG”

Malawians on social media have gone after the PhD of Acting Inspector General (IG) of Malawi Police, George Kainja, saying it is fake and from a diploma-mill university that obtained its accreditation in questionable manner.

Several people on social media said Kainja’s PhD is as fake as Ben Phiri’s.

Leading the onslaught, Professor of Law at the Cape Town University, Danwood Chirwa, said the IG was a fraud for flaunting his PhD which is from a fake university.

“As we name and shame fraudulent PhD holders, let us add the name of one George Kainja to the list. He claims to have a PhD from a non-existent Colombia Commonwealth University. It’s most likely one of those counterfeit universities Gadama creates and discontinues at his whim. How does a country have an Inspector General of Police who is a fraud? Get rid of this fraudster and install a credible policeman to lead the police force,” wrote Professor Chirwa who is also Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Cape Town University.

Diploma mills in Malawi are commonly called Jerusalem University and are often owned by Prince Gadama who allegations say makes a living by selling titles.

However, Kainja’s daughter, defended his father and went on offensive against Professor Chirwa. In a now deleted thread she told another person off, “he is still your IG,” she wrote.

She said her dad got a masters from East and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI) and Columbia Commonwealth University which others said were all in the same category as Jerusalem University – a name now used for any fake university.

Some even revealed that most people who graduate from ESAMI and CCU use ghost writers for their thesis.

“Colombia University is same as Jerusalem, though we can little bit recognize Chinese institutions than the ones Kainja’s daughter mentioned,” wrote one person in a reply to a Facebook post on the issue.

Kainja’s daughter shared pictures of her dad in graduation robe but Facebook user, Urunji Mezuwa, said it is not enough evidence the PhD is legitimate.

He said: “PhD is not about the regalia you wear! Any jim and Jack can get a tailor to make them that. If your father is a PhD holder from a legit school let him prove it. Stop this nonsensical behaviour of defending mediocrity.”