Group claims to have found Covid-19 cure


The Blantyre Health Office has advised the College of Medicine to evaluate the effectiveness of a Covid-19 herbal cure which a group in Blantyre claims to have produced.

In a letter to College of Medicine’s Dr John Mphonda, Director of Health and Social Services at Blantyre DHO, Gift Kawalazira, says the college’s pharmacy department should evaluate if the herbal cure is effective in treating Covid-19.

“The bearers of this letter are claiming to have found a herbal cure for Covid-19 and would like to work with Government Departments in administering the remedy.

“Kindly assist in evaluating the efficacy of their remedy and provide further guidance on how we can proceed in working with them,” says Kawalazira in the letter dated July 30.

Bottles of the remedy show that it was made by a group called by the Grace of God based in Blantyre.

In Malawi, Covid-19 has killed 109 people and there have been 1807 recoveries. The total number of cases recorded is 3,981 cases.

There is currently no cure for Covid-19 and patients are treated based on their clinical condition since many of the disease’s symptoms can be treated.