Dowa chiefs demand improved services from police


Traditional Authorities Mponela, Dzoole, Kayembe and Chakhaza in Dowa have called on law enforcers to offer improved services in quest for winning back public trust.

The chiefs made the appeal on Thursday, July 30, 2020 during a station executive committee meeting which Mponela Police Station organized in the area.

The meeting which brought together traditional leaders, community policing members, religious leaders and the police was aimed at evaluating security issues for the past six months from January to June.

Speaking on behalf of the chiefs, Traditional Authority Chakhaza expressed concern over some security lapses during the period under review in their respective areas which he said was attributed by political instability, blood sucking rumours and the coming in of Covid-19 pandemic.

Chief Chakhaza said that the quality of service can be compromised with the presence of such underlying factors.

“Some situations can really compromise the expected quality of service delivery, hence the environment of the past six months was tough for better services anticipated from police,” he said.

In her remarks, the Officer In-charge for Mponela Police Station, Emmie Soko, admitted some gaps, but she promised better services from police.

She pledged a professional, independent and effective police services.

“My office is geared to provide maximum security to the lives and properties of all people in the area in a professional manner, independent, impartial and apolitical,” she emphasized.

She further thanked all community leaders surrounding police facilities within their areas for their unweaving support towards police since no any police formation was torched during the protests.

She took advantage to thank all people who are financing the construction of modern police units at Mbingwa and Mtengowanthenga respectively.

The Officer In-charge also thanked organizations and all individuals who donated personal protective equipment to Mponela Police Station in an effort to mitigate the transmission of coronavirus.