Bushiri’s mask breaks the internet: Prophet introduces Major 1 face-shield against Covid-19


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was trending on social media after a video showed him donning a face mask yesterday when he left the Pretoria High Court for his money laundering and fraud trial.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader was accompanied by his alleged partner-in-crime and wife, Mary Bushiri, who was also wearing a face-mask.

Several people took to social media to comment on Bushiri’s face mask. A majority questioned Bushiri’s decision to wear the mask – saying in dilutes his authenticity as a prophet.

“Corona Virus has scared even your prophet who says is healing all forms of diseases”wrote Àshérvíñ Óxlàdé Líffà.

Lloyd Waziri Mchemera concurred with Líffà: “Corona is really! prophet’s end up wearing musk🙊”.

“Nanga Mask ikupanga chani kukamwa kwa Major 1 ?? Kkkkk Even the self-proclaimed prophets are dodging death😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌” posted Sankara’s Descendant.

Roland Ellis refreshed people’s memories of Bushiri’s infamous miracles that showed him levitating in the air in 2015.

“Amazing this guy can fly in the air but needs a facemask? Obviously his power cant effect the corona” posted Roland Ellis.

Others pointed out that Bushiri, unlike his wife, did not follow the guidelines when he lowered the mask while speaking to reporters outside the court that made him expose his nose and mouth to possible infection.

“Pepani bwana musk wo mutseke kukamwa konseko” Moosa Abdullah advised the Malawian born prophet who is popularly called Major 1.

WHO guidelines recommend that people do not lower the masks. US based Emergency room doctor, Frank McGeorge, has outlined the evidence that sets the nose as a “coronavirus super spreader”, supporting calls for people to always wear masks in public places.

Malawi president, Lazarus Chakwera, has also faulted those who lower the mask, saying this leaves people exposed to Covid-19.

Bushiri and his wife inside the court

Several others, however, defended Bushiri for wearing the mask saying it is in line with Covid-19 preventive guidelines issued by the South African government that include mandatory wearing of a face-mask in all public spaces.

The order to wear a face mask in South Africa is now enforceable by law in order limit further transmission of the coronavirus.

“We need to wear a cloth mask that covers our nose and mouth… This is a fight to save every life” announced President Cyril Ramaphosa on 12th June while declaring Covid-19 “the gravest crisis” in the history of South Africa’s democracy.

It is against this background that Jerrie K Jere-honde and others defended Bushiri’s decision to don a facemask.

“Kuvala mask Kuno ndilamulo la boma Moti amene sanavale mask akangopezeka ayenela kumangidwa….ndayankha malo mwa bushiri” commented Jere-Honde.

Likewise, Ajere Songs posted: “It is a law in SA for everyone to put on a mask during this COVID 19 epidemic or Al’s u will be arrested, so don’t be stupid by criticising those who are believed to have a some kind of connection with God. Judgment is not for u but God alone”.

“There is nothing wrong for him to put on a mask. The battle for Covid19 is for all of us”
Jimmy Wa’Ezinass Mgamba

Karim Kay Mickdad: “Nde khutulo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 apolofetidieeeeeee”

Kumbukani Harry Kusomati reminded people that wearing a mask now is similar to sleeping in bed-nets as a preventive measure against malaria.

“To wear a Mask doesn’t mean that your Faith is weak! Is the same as sleeping in a Mosquito Net!” commented Kusomati

A live stream on Bushiri’s official page of the couple’s trial that has now been adjourned to October somehow introduced a team of ECG media team wearing Major 1 branded face-shields.

In March this year, Prophet Bushiri has “rebuked the demon of Corronavirus” commanding the “demon to come out” wherever it was hiding. The Malawian born prophet claimed the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which has killed over 654 thousand people globally was caused by a demon.

“The Holy Spirit has led me to rebuke a certain demon. God said I should rebuke the demon of coronavirus… I stand up and command this demon to come out. You will disappear in the name of Jesus” declares Bushiri.

Major 1 said Covid-19 would not infect any of his followers as he has successfully defeated the demon that causes it.

“This [coronavirus-causing] spirit has no portion over your bodies in Jesus name. I protect you from this virus. Wherever you are, I protect you!” claimed Bushiri having allegedly wrestled with the Coronavirus in his church.

Globally, there are over 16.4 million confirmed cases. South Africa has confirmed over 452 thousand cases while Malawi has confirmed 3,709 as of today. 7,067 people have died in South Africa and 103 people have died of Covid-19 in Malawi, Bushiri’s home country.

This is unfair – Bushiri