Malawians go after USAID for misleading the world


Malawians have taken a swipe at United States for claiming that it played a huge role to ensure that the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections were credible.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) tweeted recently that it assisted Malawi in improving the management of elections in the country.

“After Malawis Constitutional Court required a rerun of the flawed presidential election in 2019, USAID helped improve the June 23 elections integrity and credibility which resulted in Lazarus Chakwera sworn in as the new president in a peaceful and democratic transition, the agency tweeted on July 9.

Malawians have, however, condemned the US agency for taking credit for the 2020 elections which were described by various quarters as free, fair and credible.

Twitter account named Friends of HRDC demanded a report from USAID on the activities the agency conducted ahead of the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections.

We have become weary of people who arrogate every good thing to themselves and every bad thing to the Africans, the Twitter user said.

Writer Shadreck Chikoti, who protested against the results of the 2019 presidential elections at the White House in the United States, said donors, international bodies and observers should not insult Malawians.

“We won these elections without you. When you declared our failed elections free and fair, we ignored your voice. We went ahead to protest.

“We protested in front of the White House. We protested in the streets. We protested on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram. We protested everywhere. Do not take away our victory. You took the side of thieves and corrupt leaders. The best you can do is to remain silent. Why must everything golden and shiny be attributed to you? Chikoti posted on his Facebook account.

A commenter on Chikotis post suggested that USAIDs comments stem from Colonialism mentality which he said must fall.

In 2019 Malawi held presidential elections in which the then Malawi leader Peter Mutharika was declared winner. But Malawians took to the streets saying the polls were affected by irregularities.

Mutharika fired back saying international observers and countries such as the United States had declared the polls as free and fair.

Chakwera and Saulos Chilima who were candidates in the polls challenged the outcome and the Constitutional Court nullified the elections saying there were massive irregularities including the use of tippex on tally sheets.

The Supreme Court upheld the ruling and on June 23 Malawians voted in the Fresh Presidential Elections in which they elected Chakwera as President with Chilima also becoming Vice President.