Chakwera restricts motorcade to maximum of 10 vehicles

President Lazarus Chakwera says his convoy will have a maximum of 10 vehicles and he will not buy new vehicles.

The Malawi leader said this in a national address on Saturday.

According to Chakwera, his government wants to ensure that taxpayers’ funds are not wasted.

He said one of the measures is to reduce the number of vehicles on his convoy and maintain the vehicles which were used by former President Peter Mutharika.

“So I have directed that vehicles on my convoy should not be more than 10 vehicles and the government should not buy new vehicles for the president,” said Chakwera.

He added that he expects cabinet ministers to introduce measures aimed at reducing goverment spending.

According to Chakwera, the aim is to reduce wastage of resources and reduce the amount of public funds used by people in public positions.

“I want my admnistration to serve all Malawians well, to provide the social service which are lacking and to ensure that people in the country are able to make a living,” said Chakwera.

He also condemned the habit of demanding allowances for every activity, saying it contributes to waste of resources meant for poor people.

Chakwera said this happens in both the public sector and in Non-governmental organisations because many people do not look at it as abuse of funds.

“We should not allow this conduct where people get rich by receiving unnecessary allawances.

“We should find a way to end this habit of handing out unnecessary allowances so that we can reduce waste of resources,” said Chakwera.


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  1. I commend President Chakwera for his bold decision to reduce the motorcade to 10 vehicles and to reduce on allowances. I further suggest that ministers to use small vehicles to reduce on maintanance and fuel consumption. More drastic measures needed for African nations to see development. Africa needs selfless leaders as exhibited by Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. God bless.

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