Organisation supports communities in Covid-19 fight

A Lilongwe based organisation is implementing the Rapid Response in Addressing Community Impact of COVID-19 project aimed at rendering support to people in Lilongwe.

My community My Responsibility members donating items to community members

The project is targeting the elderly, children on the street, single mothers and youths feeling isolated.

In an interview with Malawi24, founder of My community My Responsibility, Brian Khembo, said they are currently targeting areas in Lilongwe but if funds permit they will reach out to more people.

Khembo added that they have not yet made any parnerships with other organisation hence are looking for organizations of similar interests to work with them.

“We ask Malawians of goodwill, companies and organizations to join us, so far we have reached out to 500 elderly people around Lilongwe township and over 400 street children,” he said.

He went on to say that they will be providing weekly outreach program with children on the streets, twice a month engangement activity with the elderly and single mothers.

He further said that they have been providing masks, soup and sanitizers and food items to address the social-economic impact of the pandemic.

He therefore asked well wishers to support the organization in order to reach out to more people in the country .