Mutharika distances himself from K5 billion cement scandal


Former President Peter Mutharika has denied any involvement in the importation of free duty cement worth K5 billion.

Mutharika has said this in a statement today signed by his Personal Secretary Linda Salanjira.

According to the statement, Mutharika neither bought nor instructed anyone to buy or import the cement in question.

“Accordingly, the former President did not, as he could not, request the Malawi Revenue Authority to invoke any of his privileges to clear the alleged consignment of cement duty- free.

“Further, the former President was never at any point undertaking any construction project (s) requiring such substantial volumes of cement.

“In any event, the former President does not operate any business to sell cement on retail or wholesale.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the former President did not have any dealings with the alleged cement traders either personally or through a third party,” reads part of the statement.

Mutharika’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) was used in importation of bags of cement worth over K5 billion.

According to documents, Peter Mukhitho who was Director of State Residences in Mutharika’s administration on several occasions asked the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) to provide clearance for free duty cement.

Documents also show that the cement was imported by Mohammed Ahmed Chunara, owner of Prestige Import and Export.

Police questioned former MRA Deputy Commissioner General Roza Mbilizi.

The police then arrested Mutharika’s former bodyguard Norman Chisale and Chunara. The two are currently on bail.


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  1. If Chisale really did this then he deserves whats coming. Sir you were trusted by the president to safeguard him and now you are the first person to exploit him! you are the kind of people who give DPP a bad name! if it gets proven that Chisale did this he will deserve to serve for his sins! 5 billion can buy so many medications in the hospital! what were you building?

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