Government to fully operationalise land laws in 2021

Malawi Government through the Ministry of Lands says the land laws which were passed in 2016 will be fully implemented in 2021.

This was revealed by the Minister of Land Kezzie Msukwa at a long day Nyika media club sensitization training in Nkhatabay on Wednesday.

Msukwa said alot of Malawians do not know the land laws of the country.

He expressed concern that some chiefs are resisting the land laws, saying this is due to lack of understanding.

One of the laws, the customary land law makes it illegal for chiefs to distribute customary land.

The law requires the Ministry of Lands to establish district land registries and committees to administer land.

Speaking during the workshop, Msukwa said Journalists play a big role in reporting issues concerning land.

“Many Malawians are living in dark as they don’t know the lands act especially people who are living villages.

“So Journalists are very important in any sector, and we want whatever that we are doing in the Land ministry to be taken to the public because this land we are talking is directly involving the public,” said Msukwa.

He added that the Ministry of Lands has been involved in many issues that border around corruption and he urged Journalists to bring to light such issues.

“Some of the land parcels have been sold not only between Malawians themselves, but say a Malawian getting land from the Ministry and selling it to a non-Malawian.

“It has been also found that even members of staff in the ministry are also engaged in the act, that is why we feel that Journalists must be able to engage us directly, we are in a new Malawi and we believe that change must be appreciated by everyone,” said Msukwa.

In his remarks, Vice chairperson for Nyika Press club Tione Luanga thanked the ministry for organising the workshop.

“I am sure that this workshop will help reporters who are here to be able to understand the new land laws that the ministry is implementing and about to roll out next year.

“The land field has been under reported and neglected because of lack of knowledge so this training helps us,” he said.

Among those who attended at the opening of the workshop were Deputy Minister of Lands Abida Mia, Nkhatabay district commissioner Rodney Simwaka and Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Lands Wilson Moleni.