Senior Chief M’bwana, UTM Regional Governor die of Covid-19

Senior Chief M’bwana of Nkhatabay and UTM Regional Governor for the Eastern Region Alhaj Sande have died of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Local Government has confirmed that Chief M’bwana, born Francis Nyirenda, died of Covid-19 at his house in Usisya yesterday.

Principal Secretary for the Ministry Charles Kalemba said the traditional leader will be laid to rest today at his M’bwana headquarters in Nkhatabay and all Covid-19 precautionary measures will be followed.

The Senior Chief was born in 1947 and was installed as Traditional Authority M’bwana in 2009. He was elevated to Senior Chief M’bwana in 2011. He is survived by six children and four grandchildren.


UTM Governor Alhaj Sande has also died of Covid-19.

Sande was laid to rest by health workers on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, UTM leader Saulos Chilima who is also Vice President of Malawi has paid tribute to Sande.

“We are totally broken at the loss of a great warrior of the movement at this critical juncture when the momentous task of building a better Malawi is just starting,” said Chilima.