Mtambo to prioritize fight against Covid-19


Minister responsible for Civic Education and National Unity has disclosed that his ministry will prioritize the Covid-19 pandemic, the fight against corruption and tax justice.

Speaking today morning during a press briefing in Lilongwe, the Minister said his ministry is going to push for transformative Civic Education.

“As you already know this is a new ministry which our president has formed so I want to assure Malawians that our Ministry has alot of work to do. You know most of the things or challenges that we are facing are because we have some specific values that we are supposed to do.

“We believe that preventation is better than cure and my Ministry recognize that we have a problem amidst us which is Covid-19 and Covid-19 is more also of a social issue beyond being a health issue”

“When you look at issues of Covid-19 if we can have preventative measures we will be able to defeat this, if all people will be able to wear face masks and wear them properly am telling you we will reduce the infections to a greater extent. So it is the duty of my Ministry to reach out to the people to civic educate them on these issues. So we are drafting messages that are transformative in nature and we are going to use all mediums of communication especially community radios so that we reach to our people with these measures across the country,” said Mtambo.

On tax justice and corruption, the Minister noted that his Ministry want people to pay tax and also the taxes paid to be well utilised.

“The social contract between the citizens and government is actually also built between that relationship where citizens finance their government. Because now there are some people who are irresponsible they don’t pay taxes. So our Ministry is going to educate citizens so that we become responsible citizens who can ensure that we have to follow what is required and that is taking responsibility of paying tax, not only paying tax but also they should monitor on how our taxes are being utilised”

“Corruption is non-negotiable it has been the biggest pain in most of Malawians, we have bad services because of the way the previous government was plundering resources. So we are going to ensure that we should Civic educate people to change their mindset,” said Mtambo.

The Minister also hinted that his Ministry is working with different experts coming up with messages on national unity, good governance and the Coronavirus pandemic.