MHC Regional Manager transferred after Mia’s visit

Deputy Minister of Lands and Housing Abida Mia on Thursday said Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) regional manager in the North will be transferred following demands by junior workers.

Mia visited MHC regional offices in Mzuzu where junior officers demanded the removal of Regional Manager Stella Sokosa.

Addressing the workers, the Deputy Minister who is on a familiarization tour said it has been resolved during the meeting she had with the management to transfer Sokosa and two other bosses.

“We have discussed the matter at top management level and we have agreed that the three who are not wanted here should be removed immediately and they will be relocated elsewhere, but that is a demotion to them if I may be honest,” Mia said.

Mia then pleaded with Malawi Housing Corporation workers to work prudently with the ones to replace the toppled leadership if the corporation is to progress.

Workers at the regional office stopped working demanding the immediate removal of Sokosa and two others for poor welfare of employees and late payment of monthly salaries. The employees claimed that they have now gone two months without receiving salaries.

In an interview, Malawi Housing Corporation Worker’s Union General Secretary Rachel Limbe revealed that there have been a lot of grievances from employees.

“Workers demanded the removal of the three top management officials at this regional office citing poor welfare. We are happy the visit of the Deputy Minister to this office has instantly answered to the demands workers have been worried about,” Limbe said.

She further disclosed that issues to do with allowances had been a major contributing factor towards the demand for Sokosa’s removal.

After visiting the MHC office, the Deputy Minister later inspected newly constructed MHC houses in the city as part of her familiarization of developments under her ministry.