Schools should not reopen on July 13 – Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has advised the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus not to reopen schools on July 13.

The National Education Planning Taskforce proposed July 13 as date for reopening of schools which were closed in March this year.

In a letter dated July 6 and addressed to the Co-chairperson of the Coronavirus taskforce John Phuka, Ministry of Health Chief of Health Services Dr Charles Mwansambo advised against reopening schools on the said date.

He noted that the decision on whether to reopen schools or not is guided by a risk based approach to maximize the education and health benefits for students, teachers, staff and the wider community and help prevent Coronavirus in the community.

“Our guidance as a ministry is that schools should not reopen on the 13th of July, 2020 in view of significant local spread and the exponential rise in SARS COV 2 cases we are experiencing at present. We will guide you accordingly when it safe to do so,” said Mwansambo.

Schools were closed in March when Malawi had zero cases but now the country has recorded 1,986 cases including 369 recoveries and 29 deaths.