Polygamous man commits suicide after quarrel with wives


A 76-year-old man in Chikwawa hanged himself on Thursday after quarreling with his two wives.

Police in Chikwawa have identified the man as Adam Dayo who was a farmer.

According to the law enforcers, the incident occurred in the wee hours of Thursday at Mazongoza Island.

One of Dayo’s wives, Teleza Dayo aged 62, said Dayo went to drink beer with friends on Wednesday, July 8. He went back home Wednesday night and ended up fighting with his two wives until midnight.

Later he disappeared the same night, prompting his spouses and children to hunt for him. He was found dangling whilst hanging to the branch of mango tree.

Officers from Nchalo Police Post and a medical practitioner from Nchalo Health Centre visited the scene of the incident after the issues was reported to police.

Postmortem results revealed that death was due to suffocation as a result of a secondary to blockage of the windpipe by a rope.

Dayo came from Nyayekha village under Traditional Authority Ngabu in Chikwawa District.