Save the Children intensifies Covid-19 fight


Save the Children Malawi continues to make strides in fighting the novel coronavirus having distributed over ten thousand awareness posters in six districts of Neno, Mwanza, Phalombe, Zomba, Ntcheu and Mzimba.

In an interview, Communications Manager for the organization, Lawrent Kumchenga said the posters are carrying messages that are urging children to observe prevention measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.  He also said the posters are being distributed door to door.

“There are a lot of Covid-19 messages on radios and TVs but we understand the need of these posters to reach people at their homes and localities,” he said

“Much of the messaging has been through radios and focusing on adults. Our posters are complementing the radio adverts. In addition, posters have the power to influence subconscious responses. They have the ability to arouse empathy and emotional response that connects with Covid-19. And a poster is always available; one can always go back to it,” he added.

Traditional Authority Mpando of Neno District has since commended Save the Children for considering Neno in the distribution of the of Covid-19 prevention messages.

“We are hoping the messages will educate our children and also help Neno district to prevent the spread of the pandemic,” he said.

Save the Children Malawi protects children from various forms of exploitations and safeguards their rights as stipulated in the constitution of the republic of Malawi. The Covid-19 awareness messages are expected to extend to other districts in the country.

In addition, the awareness campaign has reached over one million people through text messages in partnership with telecommunication service providers.

The campaign has also produced infographic messages that have been distributed through various social media platforms.