Pay Ngi! Tay Grin on the run

Malawian hiphop icon and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet, Limbani Tay Grin Kalilani, is said to be on the run with K200 thousand of campaign money he allegedly owes another Malawian.

A Malawian Tweep, Uncle Ngi (@Uncle_Ngi), is said to have won #MayoAja Challenge in the run-up to the 2020 Malawi Presidential Election and was expected to get K200 thousand from the Nyau King who was running the challenge on Malawi Twitter.

The #MayoAja challenge required participants to kill a rooster during the 2020 presidential elections campaign indicative of how the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would defeat Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which uses a symbol of the cockerel as its logo.

The challenge started soon after Tay Grin and Dan Lu had dropped Mayo Aja, a pro-DPP propaganda song.

Ngi’s entry generated more views and Tay Grin tweeted that he would wire the Tweep the K200 thousand for emerging victorious. Malawi24 understands that this is a promise the Nyau King is yet to fulfill.

This has caused an uproar on Twitter Malawi as tweeps have been flooding Tay Grin’s timeline demanding the musician to walk his talk.

There was, however, confusion today on Twitter when Ngi claimed to have been paid.

Ngi later tweeted that he had not been paid by the musician who other socialites allege was on a payroll for dishing out pro-DPP propaganda songs which failed to save Peter Mutharika’s sinking ship during the 23rd June, 2020 Malawi Presidential Elections. MCP’s Chakwera defeated Mutharika. The DPP candidate only received 39% of the total valid votes against Chakwera’s 58.57%.

But Ngi said he claimed to have been paid in order to take an L the way only Ngi can after falling flat on his belly when his attempt to shoot a shot hit a snag.

Meanwhile, calls for Tay Grin to Pay Ngi continue.