COVID-19: WHO speaks on TB Joshua’s miracle cure


The World Health Organisations (WHO) has for the first time spoken on Prophet T.B. Joshua’s miracle cure of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The WHO remarks follow a recent a video of a medical doctor who claimed to have been healed of COVID-19 by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Nigerian pastor and leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

When asked to comment on the miracle cure, WHO said during a regular press briefing on COVID-19 held on the 1st of July that it values the role played by religious organisations during outbreaks.

The organisation emphasized that the role played by faith based organisations could not be underestimated and that it works closely with various religious organisations.

“Certainly spiritual leadership at a time like this is very important in communities whatever the faith and therefore we respect and have worked very closely with faith-based organisations on the huge contribution they are and can make to managing anxieties at community level, providing direct support to communities coping with this disease, dealing with bereaved families and individuals. So the role that faith-based organisations play is very important”.

The organisation also praised the role played by faith organisations “in getting good information to people. Sometimes it’s projected as a route of misinformation.

“In fact we find that faith-based organisations are a very effective way of passing good information because faith-based organisations are very often trusted by communities, they’re a different channel and we’re working very, very closely with those organisations around the world” said Dr Rick Brennan, one of WHO Directors of Emergency Operations.

Covid-19 Miracle Cure

On 29th June, TB Joshua shared a clip on his Emmanuel TV official YouTube that a Dr Kameni Pierre, a Cameroonian gynaecologist and obstetrician, had been healed by the controversial Nigerian pastor.

“As a medical doctor, I would like to advise the nations all over the world – do not panic in the face of this virus. GOD HEALS! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Move close to anointed men of God – they will pray for you, God will be glorified and this virus will become a memory” claimed Pierre.

SCOAN claimed that the Cameroonian was in quarantine after being medically confirmed positive to the deadly virus that has caused fear and panic throughout the world.

“Whilst in isolation at the hospital, he called in to the Emmanuel TV Studios and received prayer during the ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier: Interactive Prayer Session’. The healing power of God touched him right in the hospital ward and Dr Kameni began to uncontrollably vomit poisonous substances and sweat profusely! Just days later, a rejuvenated Dr Kameni went for another test and was confirmed negative to the deadly virus” said the church.

WHO Responds: “We have to be very, very careful”

On claims of curing people of Covid-19 as claimed by various prophets, the WHO said such claims needed to be carefully reviewed through a rigorous process. Several reports have also alleged that some prophets are currently selling anointed oil and products to heal and protect people against Covid-019.

“It’s important we make the distinction between claims of disease cure and good acts that support communities in terms of the suffering they go through… There are products out there that can enhance health and well-being and obviously healthy diet and supplement our diet with appropriate products is a very important part of being healthy.

“Specifically though when it comes to making claims around cures for products we have to be very, very careful. We want to make sure that all products that show promise in the care or cure of individuals with COVID-19 go through and go into properly managed trials so we can see what their impact and their effectiveness is.

“It is impossible to determine the effectiveness of any drug or any traditional product unless we put it through the rigours of a properly controlled trial; that is to say, whether it’s a product developed by the pharmaceutical industry or a product developed by traditional methods.

“As I said, many drugs and many effective things have been found through traditional approaches so traditional medicine is very important to communities around the world and therefore WHO has an initiative on traditional medicine.

“We look on traditional medicine in a very, very positive way but it is also, as I say, extremely important that any promising therapy go through the proper testing for safety and efficacy so we can all support such products if they are found to be effective” said Dr Rick Brennan.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO said organisation see faith leaders as incredibly important in the fight against Covid-19.

“The two do not contradict; they go together. That’s our advice and we would call on all religious leaders to be in this fight and save lives” said the WHO director general.