Chakwera refuses to cancel inauguration ceremony

State President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says the inauguration ceremony will go on but the number of attendees will be reduced to 20, 000 against the Bingu National Stadium’s (BNS) 40, 000 capacity, as a control measure against further spread of Coronavirus.

The Head of State noted, during a press briefing today, that there are calls to cancel the ceremony on July 6 to prevent the spread of the the infections.

“The merits of this approach are not lost on me, but I believe that what is best for us as a society is to find new ways of functioning in the face of Covid-19, not paralyzing our functions altogether. Covid-19 does not demand the end of our way of life, but the adoption of a new way of life. That new way of life must strike a balance between public safety and social sustenance,” he said.

He then added that his government has instituted measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus during the ceremony at Bingu Stadium.

Chakwera said although the stadium sits 40,000 people, only half that number will be allowed in so that there is appropriate social distancing both outside and inside the stadium.

He urged those traveling from outside the capital city to use public transport and to at least wear a cloth mask throughout their travels.

“No one will be allowed to enter the stadium without sanitizing their hands, having their temperature taken, or wearing their mask. For those who come without a mask, a mask will be provided, as my Administration has secured and reserved 100,000 masks for this event,” he said.

The Malawi leader also said that he has directed the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 to work with the Inter-Ministerial Inauguration Organizing Committee in ensuring that these measures are implemented as a matter of priority.