Tonse Alliance leaders in Thyolo encourage unity, peace

Thyolo Thekerani Tonse Alliance leaders have appealed to followers to refrain from violence, and instead to maintain love and  peace in order to foster unity and solidarity.

This was said on Thursday, 2 July 2020, during a meeting held at Neesena private secondary school, opposite Malamulo Mission in Thyolo

Nyson Mjojo, who is a National Executive Committee member for People’s Party, said the meeting was aimed at encouraging unity and solidarity among residents of Thyolo regardless political difference.

“We want to inform these party representatives of Tonse alliance that when they go in their locales, they should maintain love, peace as well as  order.

Tonse Alliance followers in Thyolo

“We have encouraged them to refrain from doing evil acts or mocking the losers. We strive for better Malawi for all. No violence, and I can wittiness that since Dr. Lazarus Chakwera was declared as the winner of fresh Presidential Elections, no Tonse alliance follower insulted the losing party or uttering any provocative speeches. We celebrated peacefully,” said Mjojo.

Thyolo Thava constituency Governor for Malawi Congress Party, Frank Chipawo, concurred with Mjojo on promoting unity.

“We are aimed at unity as people of one family, no backbiting, no envy, no separation, but whatever ruling government is doing, we will be doing together despite difference in political parties,” said

He further urged the general public to avoid comparing today’s MCP with the previous one, saying current MCP is a democratic one.

In her remarks, UTM treasurer for Thyolo Thava constituency, Hannah Benson appreciated the meeting saying they have learnt a lot.

“I have to appreciate this meeting because some of us had a vengeance spirit but with what we have been told today, we will refrain such thoughts,” said

During the meeting, the Thyolo Thekerani Tonse alliance representatives congratulated alliance followers for the support towards Tonse alliance as MCP managed to obtain 13,000 in the district during the Fresh Presidential Elections.