FAM to consider extending COVID-19 Relief Program

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) says it will consider extending the duration of the Relief Program which is targeting registered football players and officials.

Hara said this at Rab processors offices in Mzuzu where he launched the COVID-19 food relief packs distribution exercise in the Northern Region. The program is currently expected to run for seven months.

Hara said the soccer governing body’s executive committee is likely to meet and consider whether the relief food pack distribution exercise can be extended considering that it might take longer for football players to recover from financial woes emanating from the COVID-19 break.

“As an executive we are likely to meet and make an assessment as to whether the relief food pack distribution exercise can be prolonged. The program gets funding from FIFA so we need to look into some technicalities which needs proper scrutiny, but hopefully that will be put across for a possible construction,” Hara said.

On his part, Felix Mbonekera Msiska fron the Northern Region Football Association asked FAM to consider Sports reporters in the country on COVID-19 packs.

Msiska said, while he is grateful to the leadership of the soccer governing body for the initiative, some reporters solely report on sports hence losing some of their benefits and opportunities following the suspension of sporting activities in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are very thankful to the football Association for this initiative which will assist even the young ones from engaging in deliquesce that could spoil their lives, and also I am of the view that this Covid-19 food pack distribution exercise should be extended to the sports writers because the break in sporting activities has also greatly affected them, some might have even lost some of their benefits in the wake of Covid-19 break,” Mbonekera said.

Meanwhile, it is yet to be confirmed as to whether sporting activities (football) will indeed resume next month (August) as Malawi now has 1492 confirmed Coronavirus cases.